Real Estate Advise : Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture In The Summer

Many of us don’t skimp when we’re buying outdoor furniture since we want the outdoors to be an extension of our homes.Comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture soon becomes faded, jaded and sad-looking, however, if it’s not cared for properly.



Keeping outdoor furniture clean can be a challenge. Dust,grit and rain can all leave their marks and that’s before you take into account the stains and spills from outdoor dining or the scuffmarks from energetic children.When you first start thinking about using your furniture it’s probably been sitting all over winter. The first task is to remove surface dust and dirt, bird droppings or dead leaves by brushing over the surface with a nylon-bristled broom or hand brush.Having brushed off the majority of the dirt, hose the furniture down to wash away the residue. Scrub off stubborn stains with warm soapy water and then allow the furniture to dry completely. Most outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, so hosing it down shouldn’t do any damage. Make sure you remove any cushions first and if you’re not sure whether or not the water will cause damage, check with the manufacturer or any instruction leaflets you may have. Some top quality conservatory furniture may require specialist cleaning, so always approach cleaning these pieces yourself with caution. Aluminium furniture can be cleaned with a weak water and vinegar solution, but avoid abrasive materials, otherwise you’ll scratch the surface and ruin the appearance.


Having cleaned your garden furniture ready for use,you’ll want to keep it that way. Buying protective covers may seem like a lot of expense, but since they prolong the life and conserve the appearance of outdoor furniture, it’s worth considering the investment. Protective covers are not just for the winter when you’re putting the items into storage. Covering them over in the summer, when they’re not being used, also helps to keep them clean and protected. One of the main enemies of outdoor furniture is sunlight, as it soon fades bright colours and can cause furniture to look patchy and worn.The cheapest and easiest way to cover your furniture is simply with a waterproof tarpaulin, although it’s likely to form puddles on top of chairs or loungers when it rains. It’s also likely to blow off if the wind catches it, exposing furnishings to the elements.


Specialist covers are available with ties to hold them in place and some even have built in air pillows that inflate and create a domed surface so the water runs off and can’t form a puddle. Whichever form of cover you choose, try to get something that’s big enough to cover both table andchairs in one go. Having lots of separate, small covers makes the job more of achore and you’re likely to skip using them at the end of a long day.Having invested in quality garden furniture, it’s worth going the extra mile to keep it looking as good as it did when you first took it home. Minimal maintenance and basic cleaning, then keeping the furniture covered will protect your investment into the future.

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